Low-fat Goa Sausages

How are Low-fat Goa Sausages different?
Low-fat Goa Pork Sausages are every bit the Chouriços that you love. The only difference is that while traditional sausages are made of 'meat + fat', the fat free sausages contain only meat. Everything else stays 'Traditional and Tasty.'
What are Chouriços?
Chouriços de Goa- Goa Pork Sausages are probably the best pork item to India has produced. It is a perfect blend between the Portuguese art of preserving meat and Indian spices.
How are they made?
They are made by curing local pork meat. In the curing process the meat is salted, dried and smoked. The toddy vinegar and spices added create the magical flavor for which the sausages are famed.