Goa Sea Salt 200gms

Goa Sea Salt 200gms


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Traditional salt farming has been practised in Goa for 1,500 years. Goa’s riverine estuaries, easy access to sea water and favourable climatic conditions create ideal conditions for salt production. Salt is produced through a natural evaporation process during the summer months.

Local Goa sea salt has been extensively used by Goans in every aspect of life, right from cooking to pickling and making sausages, preserving fish, and fertilizing crops. 

Unlike the industrially produced salts, the local salt has more flavours because of the various minerals from the sea, and is sometimes referred to as the saltier salt. The production is a natural process and there is no chemical treatment involved.

So go ahead and try our Local Goa sea salt.

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The Goa sea salt is very good and affordably priced.
Lovella Fernandes
Nov 7, 2021 7:29:42 PM