Docê de Grão – Gram Cake

Docê de Grão – Gram Cake


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Freshly made Docê de Grão

Our Docê de Grão is always freshly madeand shipped directly from Goa. Try it and taste a bit of Goan tradition.

What is Docê de Grão?
Docê de Grão- Gram cake is a diamond shaped Goan fudge made with Bengal grams, grated coconut and sugar. While is is made on special occasions such as weddings and Communions, it is also enjoyed throughout the year.

How is it made?
The ground paste of grams and coconut juice are poured into a traditional Vessel-Dhonn and stirred viorously till it turns into a sweet ball. This is then spread on the kitchen floor and cut into the diamond shapes while still hot. 

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