About us

Traditional, Trusted & 100% Made in Goa.

"Located in a village in Goa, we deliver authentic taste from a Goan home to your home anywhere in India."


1. Do you deliver to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Chennai, Ludhiana, Gangtok, Cochin?

Ans: Yes we deliver all over India. Please feel free to place your order on our website and we shall deliver to your door. And yes we are delivering during the present lockdown too. 

2. How long do you take to deliver?

Ans: The goodies are freshly made and shipped from Goa. We usually deliver in 7-10 days. We follow up with the order tracking details.

3. Will I receive an order confirmation?

Ans: Yes every order receives an automatic email confirmation. We follow up with the order details via Whatsapp.

4. I am a fan of Goa sausages, but I don't know how to cook it. Should I still order?

Ans: Yes Goa sausages are very easy to cook. We share simple Goa sausage recipes that are easy to cook and very tasty.

5. I wish to order from you but am not comfortable ordering online. Can I trust you?

Ans: www.pedropao.com has been in business since 2015. We deliver to every part of India. We are known for the authentic and fresh products we deliver. We never compromise on the quality and taste of our products. You can check what our customers have to say about us over the years on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

6. I have a specific request. Can I call you or message you?

And: Yes please Whatsapp us: 9172129533. 

We look forward to treating you soon.